Waxing Services


Our spa offers professional and convenient, face and body hair removal services for both men and women. We use an all-natural soft wax blend containing beeswax and soothing honey for all our waxing services.


Waxing options include:


  • Eyebrows (15 minutes)
  • Lip or Chin (15 minutes)
  • Full Face (30 minutes)
  • Underarms (15 minutes)
  • Half Arms (15 minutes)
  • Full Arms (30 minutes)
  • Half Legs (30 minutes)
  • Full Legs (45 minutes)
  • Back or Chest (30 minutes)
  • Bikini Line (15 minutes)
  • Extended Bikini - Ladies only (20 minutes)
  • Brazilian - Ladies only (30 minutes)


*Additional services may be available upon request.


**Due to the individual nature of hair growth and removal, service times listed are estimates; individual service times may differ. All waxing services require an additional 10 minutes for consultation, dressing, and undressing not listed in the estimated service time (ex: 15 min. eyebrow wax + 45 min. full legs wax + 10 min. consultation = 70 min. total estimated service time).